Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ryan is growing like a weed. I can't believe how fast he has grown. I have been looking back at some of his newborn pictures and it amazes me that he was that small. He is doing really well so far. He eats well; which has been a blessing as I have heard horror stories about breast feeding so I am very thankful that this is still going smooth for us. He has been sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night since he was 7 1/2 weeks old; again, a huge blessing for me. I do love my sleep so this has been so nice and has made for a much happier Mommy. And his naps are starting to get better but we are still working hard on those. We are working on keeping a constant schedule right now so that when he starts daycare on the 26th everyone will know what he is doing every day. Being back at work and away from Ryan has been so hard; much harder than I ever thought before he was here. I still cry some and I am hoping it gets easier to leave him but so far it hasn't been. I never thought before that I would actually consider staying at home with him but since his arrival I have really wished it was a possibility. If only money grew on trees. Last week he was staying awake in the mornings to see me more and I was struggling to get him to go back to sleep (no one wants a baby to be awake at 4:30 in the morning). But this week he has been a little better about that. Although the evenings have gotten a little more difficult. He has not wanted me to put him down anywhere. It just breaks my heart to see him get upset. He usually loves his swing but every time I have tried to put him in it during the evening he cries until I get him out. He will sit on the couch with me though while I eat dinner but I have to be touching him. Jonathan is staying home with him this week and next week and they are having a great time. Ryan seems to be enjoying his time with his Daddy. But when I get home Ryan is ready for some Mommy time and gets very clingy. And both of them had a bad night on Monday. Some how Jonathan scared Ryan, not even on purpose, and Ryan clung to me for a good 30 minutes before he would let me do anything. Poor guys were both so upset by it. Ryan has been smiling a lot more and we are getting some out loud laughs and giggles. Its amazing how your heart just melts when you hear that and the whole world stops. Then you spend the rest of the day trying to get him to do it again. We haven't really done anything lately since I have been back at work. The weekends are spent just getting normal errands done and spending some family time together. I am kind of looking forward to Ryan going to daycare so we can start getting a normal routine going. And I mean normal as in this is what it is going to be like for quit sometime. Jonathan and I are hoping to take Ryan to the zoo soon. We wanted to go tomorrow; unfortunately the weather had other plans. Hopefully next Friday will be sunny and warm so we can go. While Ryan won't really care much about the animals or anything, Jonathan and I love the zoo and are really looking forward to taking Ryan. That's it for now. Here are some random photos from the last two weeks.
Ryan loves taking walks when the weather is nice. He will spend some time looking around and then about half way into it he is asleep.

He is such a happy morning baby.

Our first trip to church with Ryan. I got him all dressed up and looking cute and then he slept through the whole thing. It was good he did though because the next week he didn't and while he didn't cry he was quit the destraction for our Sunday school class.

Mommy and a sleepy baby.

Daddy and a sleepy baby.

He is getting much better at tummy time.

He loves when someone plays with him.
Story time. Ryan does pretty good for story time but some times we can only get through half a story before he gets restless.
Cookie monster ate the baby!
Chubby baby!

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