Monday, March 8, 2010

7 months

Ryan turned 7 months old on March 2nd; yes I am a little late in posting this but we have been very busy (and I started writing this a week ago, lol). He is getting so close to crawling. He can push up on all fours when he is in bed but rarely does it on the floor (I guess it is too hard). I am hoping he puts it off a bit longer, I am not ready to have a mobile baby. He does scoot around all over the place though so he is still never in the same spot anyway. Its funny watching him roll and scoot to get to something he wants. And he is already fascinated by the electrical outlets. What is it with them that makes babies want to stick things in them?! Ryan is doing a great job with his food. He has now had a wide range of foods (veggies and fruits) and is eating off a spoon really well. His daycare friends love to feed him; they say he is the best at eating off a spoon in the nursery. He does think he is big enough to feed himself though and is constantly trying to grab the spoon from you (I guess he is going to be independent just like his Mommy). Its hard to say he has liked one thing more over another; he seems to just enjoy eating. Hopefully that will continue and we won't have any problems feeding him as he grows up. So far he still has just his two bottom teeth and I don't see any others coming in yet. He looks so adorable with those two bottom teeth but I haven't been able to get a good picture of him showing those teeth off. He is going through his separation anxiety phase right now and seems to not like to be separated from me much. But he is still having no problem at daycare (thank God!). We had to take Ryan to the doctor today because he has been sick. He had a fever at daycare Tuesday, we left early and brought him home, stayed home Wednesday and he started doing better. So we went to work and he went to daycare. They called me after lunch and said he was running a fever again and had been sleeping most of the day and was a bit fussy (not like him at all). We left early again and took him to the doctor. He has an ear infection. Now he is on some antibiotics so hopefully he will feel better soon. We have been really busy between work and trying to sell the house we haven't done much else. It is tax season so its a given work is busy but throwing trying to sell the house on top of that and I am exhausted. Hopefully things will slow down soon (tax season isn't that much longer but it will get worse before it gets better and hopefully we will sell the house soon; although then moving is a lot of work too, lol). Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last couple of weeks.

We set up his basketball goal; however, all he wanted to do was play with the little man on the side of it. He could have cared less about the balls.

Playing with Daddy.

He wasn't happy about it but this is the best picture I have been able to get of his teeth.

He was rolling around the floor and got stuck under the blanket. He kept looking at me like "how did this happen and how do I get out of here?"

Playing with his rings.

He got a hold of my water jug one day (he is always trying to and was very happy about finally getting it) and put the straw right in his mouth. He couldn't figure out how to get any water out of it but he enjoyed playing with it.

Playing with his sea horse.

He sleeps on his tummy for the most part now. I worried a lot about it at first but not much I can do about it. I think it's funny he sleeps with his knees almost under him and his bottom stuck in the air.

Daycare sent me this picture one day on my phone. It was a very nice pick me up that put a smile on my face. He is too cute!

My chubby baby! He weighed 18lbs 6oz at the doctor's today.

Trying to figure it out and so close. Just can't get it all together yet.

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