Monday, March 30, 2009


Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. I have decided to start a blog to keep everyone up to date on all the baby news and decisions we have to make. We are expecting our first baby on August 9th. We had our ultrasound on Thursday, March 26th and found out we are having a boy. We have decided on the first name, Ryan, but are still discussing options on a middle name. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to decorate the nursery. I have been really excited to find out the sex of the baby so I could start planning and now that I can I don't know what to do. I have a few ideas in mind but am having a hard time deciding exactly what it is I want. Jonathan said it has to be blue so I am limited by that. I am thinking I want to do zoo animals and I have a few patterns picked out but I can't ever seem to make a final decision. Good thing we have another 19 weeks to go before the baby gets here. Here are a few ultrasound pictures and one of me at 20 weeks.

In this picture he is sucking on his arm. He pretty much did this through out the entire ultrasound.

This is a picture of his foot. I think he is going to be tall like his Dad, he appears to be all legs. And here is one of the few pictures we got of him without his arm right against his face.

This is me at 20 weeks. I have a feeling I am going to be getting very big as time continues on.

Here are the two bedding sets I am trying to decide between. I like how the first one has lots of accessories to go with it but it does not have an elephant; which is my favorite zoo animal. Plus, I feel like the animals look a little funny. I like the second one because it has the ABC's and 123's but it does not have a penguin; which is Jonathan's favorite.

1) Precious Planet

2) ABC - 123

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