Monday, April 6, 2009

Another week

We were really busy this past week. We worked some overtime at work in order to earn more time for when the baby gets here. With driving time we put in over 60 hours making for a very long week. But it will be worth it once the baby gets here and we get to spend more time at home with him. We got to have some good quality time with Rebecca's family Friday night. Her twin brother Chris stopped on his way to Georgia and was able to visit. We got to see her older brother Kenny and his family as well. It was nice to have us all together. We ordered the crib and bedding set this week. We decided to go with the ABC 123 set. Thanks to all those who voted! We felt we could do more with this set as far as colors go (blues, reds, greens, etc.). We have cleared out the guest room that is going to be the baby's room and hopefully will get to paint it very soon. We are waiting to get the bedding set in before buying the paint to make sure the paint matches the light blue on the bedding set. Rebecca has also been working on getting our registry started, which has turned into quit a task in itself. Besides that, nothing much has been going on. Rebecca is feeling well and putting on weight. We don't have another doctor's appointment until the 24th. We will keep everyone posted.
Here is a picture of the crib we ordered. It's not the exact one we wanted but we do like it a lot. We think this one will be very sturdy and will last a long time. It's a convertible crib that has 3 different stages to it.

And here is an updated picture of Rebecca at 22 weeks.

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