Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter weekend. The week was busy as usual. Our crib came in and we were able to pick it up on Friday. After much debate with the people at JcPenney and some maneuvering on our part we were able to fit it in the car. Once we got home we did take it out of the box, although we haven't put it together. I wanted to make sure there weren't any scratches in the wood and that we had all the parts to it. I am very pleased with the color of the wood and happy there weren't any scratches at all in the wood from shipping. Hopefully we can get the bedding in some time this week so we can start painting the room. I don't know how a crib arrived from Texas in 5 days and a bedding set from Walmart shipping from North Carolina that was ordered the same day is still not here. I would like to get the baby's room painted before we put the crib up. We will have to see if I have the patience to do that, I really want to see what the crib looks like put together. On Friday we also went to BabiesR'Us and registered. I enjoyed it. Jonathan pretended to for a little bit and then you could tell he got bored. It seemed like we registered for a lot of stuff but I am sure we still missed a lot of things. I did some work on our Walmart registry online as well. I tried doing it in store but the entire kiosk in the Nicholasville Walmart was gone. I don't know if they will be bring it back or not. Hopefully they do so people can use the Walmart registry. Anyway, I know there are a lot of items babies require I just hope I got most of them put on the registries. One very exciting event this week that accured, Jonathan was able to feel Ryan kick. He was able to feel him kick once on a few seperate occasions and then Sunday during church Ryan was kicking like crazy so Jonathan got to feel several kicks in a row. It was nice to be able to share that together since Jonathan thought Ryan was avoiding him because every time Jonathan would try to feel the kicks he would stop kicking. I am feeling very pregnant and I know its going to just get worse. I realized this week that I am not able to do as much as I used to. After cleaning out the rest of the baby's room, a closet, grocery shopping, registring and cooking Easter dinner for 10 people this weekend I was exhausted. I felt like I needed another day off just to relax. My back hurt and my feet hurt but I feel much better today. The only thing today that is bugging me is that I can feel the muscles and skin stretching in my stomach. Its been rather painful for the last few days but I guess that is all part of it. We spent Easter with Jonathan's family and had a good time. We watched his two nephews find eggs and talked about how next year we would have a little one. Ryan won't be old enough to understand what is going on but we will still take him around the yard to find eggs. All in all it was a very good week. We were both glad to be back to our normal work schedule and have 3 days off. This week is my birthday (on Thursday) so we are still debating about earning some extra over time on Friday. If things go right I will talk Jonathan in to not working Friday and staying home to paint Ryan's room. Hopefully next week I will have pictures of that.

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