Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The last two days have been quit interesting and I wanted to give everyone an update on what is going on. Yesterday morning I had some slight bleeding so I called the doctor. They fit me in for an ultrasound and exam to make sure everything was ok as a precaution. And its a good thing that I did go in. I was apparently having contractions and not feeling them. The ultrasound showed the baby was doing just fine; however, my cervix had thinned out too much. When we first went back to talk to our doctor she did not seem worried at all and had mentioned possible bed rest for a few days. After examining me she told us that she wanted to admit me to the hospital overnight for observation. Jonathan and I were both very shocked. We weren't expecting that at all. We just figured it was something simple and nothing to worry about since I wasn't feeling any cramps going along with the bleeding. Well, we were wrong. She explained what was going on and that we needed to stop the contractions. So off to the hospital we went. I have never spent any time in the hospital or the ER so this was a very different experience for me to be the patient. Once we were checked in we just waited around. I was hooked up to some monitors to check for contractions. Our doctor stopped in around 6 and said that I was still having a few contractions, that I was still not feeling, so they hooked me up to an IV to see if fluids would help. We had to move rooms after this because the labor floor was getting busy and since we were there for "observation" only they moved me to another floor. The night was pretty uneventful; however, I didn't sleep much. I have never been one who is able to sleep in strange places and in an uncomfortable bed, add that with a monitor and an IV in and it made for an uncomfortable night. At about 6 am I started having contractions again and these I could actually feel. They lasted for about an hour or so but were very close together. At one point the nurse came in and said that I had 6 with in 10 minutes. After consulting with my doctor they gave me a shot to help stop the contractions and it worked. Great news for me. I got a little more rest and then the high risk doctor came in to see me. We had another ultrasound done and got good news. My cervix had thicken and everything was looking good. He said he had no problem letting me go home today. Yes! We had to wait around for my regular doctor to discharge me and give me further instructions though. She showed up at a little before 1 and said that I could go home but was ordered to be on strict bed rest until Monday. Then they want me to resume my normal routine for Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday they want me to go back in to re-evaluate. I will have to see both the high risk doctor, who will do another ultrasound, and my regular doctor. If everything is looking good then I can resume back to normalcy; however, if my cervix has thinned out again then I will have to go on bed rest until 36 weeks. That would mean another 12 weeks of bed rest. Yuck, that would not be fun so lets hope and pray that is not the case. The high risk doctor seemed to think that I would be fine. But no one had any explanation as to why all this occurred; which is really frustrating Jonathan. I suppose I need to slow down a bit and relax more. My regular doctor does not want to take any risks since I had the abnormal AFP results that put me in a high risk for pre-term labor. As far as I am concerned, I will do whatever is necessary to keep the baby healthy and safe. Jonathan has been great and by my side throughout this whole ordeal. I don't think I could have kept it together without him. But I have been calmer than I thought I would. I feel as if God has given me a peace about the whole situation and is telling me everything will be just fine. Plus, Ryan has been moving around a lot and his heartbeat is still strong and normal. We would appreciate every one's prayers though as we are still not out of the woods. Right now, I will try to enjoy relaxing and making Jonathan do all the work until Monday.


  1. So glad everything is rounding out. Always good to hear when things go the way they should. I am so excited to come back up and see the crib and bedding. Maybe when you are off bedrest you could go and ick the color and then some one else can paint. I wouldn't mind helping out. I'll be up there the 9th anyways. Let me know if you need anything. I should ba able to come up this week with one dr out, or this weekend if you want company. get lots of rest, and enjoy watching jonathan do it all. Love you guys, amanda and Brody and Greg

  2. Well, tough week for you Rebecca, especially with your birthday being that week! Hope you enjoyed the strawberries! Let Danny and I know if you need anything, we are just around the corner and can help out with anything needed : ) Love,
    Heather and Danny