Thursday, September 3, 2009

One month old

Yesterday Ryan turned one month old. It's hard to believe that he was born a month ago. We have enjoyed him so much. He is overall a really good baby and such a joy. He is starting to play more and spend more time awake. At times you can get him to smile; which is amazing (I think he is smiling at me even if people really think it's just gas). We are getting used to the no sleep and his fussy time (which is at night). While he still loves being held he is doing better about spending time by himself (sleeping in his pack-n-play, in his swing, etc.). It's amazing watching him grow and change so much already just over this last month. While we are still adjusting, I think we are doing well at it and are enjoying being a family of 3. I have attached some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Ryan with his great-grandmother Rodgers.

Ryan and his Grandpa who made a surprise visit from Illinois to see him.

Chilling in his bouncey seat.
Enjoying his swing.
Playing with his activity gym.
Sitting in his boppy pillow.
Tummy time got interrupted because he found his hand and started chewing on it.
So adorable while sleeping.
Not the greatest picture due to the flash coming on. The camera is suppose to only use the flash when needed but here is a quick shot I got of him smiling.

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