Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trying to get the hang of things

Ryan is doing well and is growing every day. Last Friday at his doctor's appointment he had gained back to his birth weight and then some, weighed in at 7lbs 13oz. They said he was doing really well. He does have a blocked tear duct though so we have to massage his eye a couple of times a day. This past weekend Chris, Nikki, Aubrey and Hayden came down to see Ryan. It was great to see them and for them to see Ryan. Hopefully now that he is here they will have to come visit more often. Jonathan went back to work on Monday so it was my first week by myself with Ryan. Ryan and I are trying to get into a routine and figure things out. He has his nights and days mixed up a little bit so we are trying to fix that right now. It's no easy task trying to keep a newborn up when he wants to sleep and even harder to try to get him to sleep when he wants to be awake. But we are enjoying our time together. Ryan is such a blessing and I wonder if I will ever not be so overwhelmed with love when I look at him. We took him on the 11th for his newborn pictures and they are now online for viewing. Go to and search for Johnson R. Newborn, password is johnson. They turned out so well and I am so happy about them. Now comes the hard part of trying to decide which ones to buy. That's it for now. There are some pictures below of the past week and a half.

Ryan in his swing, he is starting to enjoy it more.

Sleeping on Daddy.

Tummy time. He didn't really enjoy it but he is getting better at it.

Uncle Chris holding his nephew.

Aunt Nikki showing Aubrey and Hayden their new cousin Ryan.

His umbilical cord fell off on Saturday so he can now take real baths. He likes them better than the sponge baths but still doesn't love them. I am sure as he gets older and can play in the water he will.

Swing time, notice how his hair is standing up.
Mommy and baby taking a nap. Despite this picture, he is getting better about sleeping in his pack-n-play instead of with me.

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