Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ryan will be here soon!!

Yesterday I had my weekly check-up and got some great news!! We are going to the hospital tonight at 8pm to be induced. Baby Ryan will be here some time soon!! All week I was nervous about this appointment because I am really ready to have this baby. While I have enjoyed being pregnant and it has really been a blessing I am ready to have my baby here and begin the long process of getting my body back. I think working has been really hard on my body after not working for 11 weeks. Every day I come home from work with new aches and pains (and as most of you know I have been having a lot of problems with swelling in my hands, feet and ankles). So I was really hoping for a good doctor's visit and hoping my doctor would agree to induce. We had to meet with my high risk doctor first to have an ultrasound. Everything there went really well. Baby is head down and very low. They estimated he would weigh in at 8lbs 3oz (let's see how close they will be). Then we went over to see my regular OB. As we were walking back to the room with the nurse we passed Dr. Steele and she said "Do you want to have a baby this weekend?" I thought she was joking with me because I didn't think they would induce over the weekend so I said "Don't play with me." She laughed and said "No, I am on call this weekend so if you are ready we can set you up for this weekend." I was so excited and of course said yes. Right after this the nurse tried to take my blood pressure and of course it was high, lol. But since I had just had it checked at my high risk doctor's office and it was normal we weren't worried about that, I was just excited. I am so glad that my doctor will be the one to deliver our baby. I have heard mixed stories (some ok and some bad) about having other doctors deliver. We have really gotten to know Dr. Steele over the last 9 months with as many visits as we have had to go to. And she was there when we went through the scare of him coming at 23 weeks. But God has blessed us tremendously and we have made it to 39 weeks (well, tomorrow but close enough). Tonight we will go in at 8pm and they will set me up on the pitocin to start my contractions. Hopefully everything will go smooth and we should have a new baby here some time Sunday morning. I will keep everyone updated as much as possible and will post pictures as soon as I can.

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