Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost to the end of this pregnancy!!

I have reached 38 weeks and am almost to the end. Very soon our baby will be here in the world!! The week was pretty uneventful. We worked all week and that was about it. I had a few contractions through out the week but nothing significant or regular. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday. This appointment was with a different doctor then my regular OB though. My regular OB, Dr. Steele, wanted me to meet another doctor in the practice, so I saw the one that was on call over the weekend just in case I went into labor over the weekend it wouldn't be my first time meeting her. I am now 2 almost 3 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced. This doctor also said that my cervix is very soft and not to be surprised if my water breaks. Now with two doctors saying that Jonathan is wondering if he should make me sit on some plastic instead of the couch or bed, lol. We were very excited to hear that I was making progress. While I know it could still be awhile and that some women can go several weeks dilated before having their baby its still nice to know my body is preparing itself for it's upcoming job. Over the weekend I cleaned our house in hopes of getting labor started but nothing happened. I guess that the baby decided he wasn't quite ready after all. I definitely feel more pressure down there though so that's a good sign. Besides that, nothing else is going on. We are just waiting for baby Ryan to make his appearance and that's hard because I am not a very patient person. Hopefully it won't be much longer!!

A picture of me at 38 weeks

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