Monday, July 20, 2009

37 weeks!!

We made it to 37 weeks yesterday!!! That is a big milestone, our baby is now considered full term (even though we technically still have 3 more weeks to go). We are so excited we have made it to this point and I am now ready for this baby to come out. However, it seems as if the baby has a different thought in mind. At my doctor’s appointment on Friday everything went well and the baby is doing great. His heart beat is wonderful. I was hooked up to the monitor for about 30 minutes and he was moving like crazy. My doctor checked and I am not dilated at all though so it will probably be awhile still before this baby makes his appearance. My doctor did say that my cervix was very soft and not to be surprised if my water breaks before I go into labor. I am not holding my breath on that one though. I believe it’s only like 12% of women who have their water break before they are in labor so the odds are not on my side for that to happen; which Jonathan is very thankful for. I am very excited about this baby coming and so done being pregnant (at least with all the pains and aches that come along with it). Hopefully it won’t be much longer. We had our car seats checked on Friday as well to make sure they were correctly installed. That was the last thing on the list to do before the baby arrived. Now we are just waiting. We enjoyed our weekend relaxing and realized it will probably be one of the last ones we have without anything to do for quit some time (which means we slept in a little longer). My next doctor’s appointment is Friday and my regular doctor wants me to meet another doctor in the same practice who is on call next weekend so that appointment is with her. Then my doctor went ahead and made another appointment for the following Friday (the 31st) as well (apparently she is pretty confident the baby won’t come before then) with her after I see my high risk doctor. Besides that, nothing much has been going on or changed. The baby is still moving and kicking like crazy. I think my insides constantly stay bruised. I don’t know how he thinks it’s comfortable in there with no room but apparently he does. I will keep everyone updated as much as possible over the next few weeks if anything changes and of course on Ryan’s arrival (whenever that may be).

Me at 37 weeks, ready to pop.

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