Monday, August 10, 2009

Ryan's first week

Things are going well. The first night at home was rough but I guess that is to be expected. We are starting to get into a routine and learn what he likes and dislikes. Sleeping is hit or miss. He doesn't seem to really like to sleep by himself at night but we are working on that. He is eating really well; which I am so thankful for. We had our first outing yesterday and went to see his cousin Shelby be baptized. Everyone really enjoyed getting to see him and love on him. We are getting some professional pictures taken tomorrow and I am so excited about that. And he has a doctor's appointment on Friday for a normal 2 week check-up. Hopefully he has put on some weight and is doing well. Then this weekend Ryan will get to meet his Uncle Chris, Aunt Nikki and his cousins Aubrey and Hayden when they come down for a visit. Jonathan has all this week off to help me out but I need to start getting used to doing things on my own for when he goes back to work. Hopefully we will have a good week.

Big crib, little baby.

Sleeping in his pack-n-play. He loves the vibration on this.
First doctor's appointment. Poor little guy had to have blood drawn to check his jaundice levels. I cried more than he did. If you pay close attention to the paper sheet you can see the wet spots next to him are my tears; pathetic, I know.

Playing in his bouncy seat and he is awake.

Deep in thought.

First bath. He did pretty well, cried through most of it but not too much were you couldn't get anything done.

All clean and ready for bed.

First walk. He slept through all of his walk, it was a short walk though since I am still rather sore from the c-section.

Daddy pushing Ryan's stroller.
Daddy and Ryan playing.

Mommy and Ryan. Hard to believe my little baby is one week old in this picture.

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