Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So many firsts!!

It’s been a crazy time around the Johnson house. Christmas is quickly approaching and we are busy trying to get everything ready. We are so excited to celebrate Ryan’s first Christmas. It’s amazing getting to watch all the new things and firsts in his life. We moved Ryan to his room a week ago and he has been sleeping in his crib. He has done really well; as a matter of fact, he has done better than either of us thought he would. I, on the other hand, have lost some sleep trying to adjust to him not being in our room. I am getting used to listening to the monitor instead of him when he wakes up but I still miss getting to just roll over and look at him. Getting out of bed, sneaking into his room and being as quite as I possibly can be makes peeking at him much harder. Another first, Ryan has learned to roll over from back to tummy. Actually, it was his second night in his crib that I went in there and found him on his stomach. I couldn’t believe it. We were so worried that we would miss this because he would do it at daycare that it never crossed our minds we would miss it while he was in his crib, little stinker. It took him a few more days to do it on the floor without pushing off the sides of the crib but he is now rolling over like he is a pro. I have been worried about him sleeping on his tummy so we have been using a sleep positioner to keep him in place and on his back. However, he has now learned how to scoot out of that when he gets really worked up in his crib. Didn’t take him long either, I think we have only been using it for a few days. He is a tricky little guy. This weekend he slept 10 ½ hours straight two days in a row so I think the positioner helped him sleep as well (when I woke up in the morning before he did I was worried and had to go check on him). I have also had to move his baby tub into the bathroom and put it in the big tub for his baths. He is a crazy splasher and gets water every where. I really enjoyed using the kitchen sink with his baby tub because I didn’t have to kneel over but I got tired of mopping up gallons of water from the kitchen floor. He is so much fun during bath time though that I barley notice the uncomfortable feeling of bending over the bathtub. We have really enjoyed these last couple of weeks. Ryan is adjusting to daycare well and napping there much better. So when we get home he is so excited to see us and still in a good mood. Another big piece of news, we have officially decided to move to Frankfort and are now in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market. We aren’t for sure exactly what we are going to do once we sell our house though. Right now, we are thinking about having a house built because we haven’t found a house that we like (I am picky and want a brand new house and we would like to get 4 bedrooms). Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of houses on the market in Frankfort right now that meet our criteria but I am sure that as spring approaches that will change. So who knows what will end up happening. But if you know anyone in the market for a 3 bedroom in Nicholasville let them know about our house; it backs to the city/county park so there are no neighbors behind you (a big plus!). We are going to be busy painting and putting in new carpet soon. Here are some pics from the last two weeks.

Playing with Daddy, one of his favorite things to do.

After his first night in his crib.

Splash, splash!!

Playing on the floor.

Such a happy baby (and very ticklish)!

Ryan made an ornament at daycare that says his name on it. Here we are hanging on the tree next to his other ornament.

And here he is sucking his thumb on the drive home

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