Saturday, December 26, 2009


We have had an amazing Christmas with Ryan. We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas as a family of 3 this year. First, Ryan got to come to work with me on Wednesday. Daycare was closed for the holiday and work always does a “bring your kid to work” day the day before Christmas break (and now I know why; since day cares are closed). We went in a little late and left a little early so that Ryan wasn’t there all 8 hours (I think it did ended up being 5 hours though). He did so wonderful and was so well behaved. Everyone loved seeing him and I loved showing him off. And I actually got quite a bit of work done because he was so good. He was really tired when we left (he only took a half hour nap at work because it was loud due to the other kids being there as well) but I was still very impressed with how well he was and we avoided fits. He got to see Santa at my office and we had to take his picture as well. We spent Christmas Eve down at my family’s in Wilmore. Ryan started getting a little sick during the day so he was a little fussy but not terrible. He got fussy when he was tired but did well during church service. We enjoyed spending time with everyone and they enjoyed loving on Ryan. Christmas morning was so much fun. Once Ryan woke up we opened our stockings and he really liked what he got! He was very interested in the elephant rattle crinkle toy he got but he really liked the turtle and hippo bath cups he got. He has a turtle on his swing mobile that Jonathan and I always say he likes best. So, when I saw the turtle bath cup I had to buy it for him. He got so excited when he saw it. He did really well opening his presents and was getting the hang of tearing the wrapping paper off (sort of). And he got excited over a few of the presents. He really likes the glow seahorse and the light up music ball he got. I think he will enjoy some of the bigger toys he got later on as he gets older. He got tired about ¾ of the way through opening presents. So we opened all of his and then he took a nap while Jonathan and I enjoyed some time with each other opening the rest of our presents. We went over to Jonathan’s mom’s for lunch and then came back home to relax and enjoy some family time with just the three of us. I cooked us a big dinner and we put Ryan in his high chair for the first time so we could have a family dinner. Overall, it was a great Christmas and I am looking forward to continuing some of the traditions that we started this year with Ryan. Ryan has been really sick though. He has come down with a nasty cough and lots of congestion. I took him to the doctor today just to make sure it was a cold and not anything serious (found out he is now 16lbs). That’s what they said it was; a viral cold and that there wasn’t anything we could give him to help him. So we are just continuing what we have been doing and hoping he gets over it soon. Thankfully he has still been in a pretty mood even though he is sick. He has been getting tired quicker and he gets fussy when you clean his nose, lol. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

At work with Mommy and having a good time.

His first picture with Santa. He didn't care at all.

I had to include this picture. He was so happy he got his socks off and could play with his toes.

His first Christmas present.

Mommy and Ryan.
Getting the hang of tearing the wrapping paper off.

Opening his stocking and getting his bath cups.

Looking at his glow seahorse. Despite what his face looks like in this picture he really liked the glow seahorse; he fussed when we put it down until we gave him something else.

Getting his light up music ball. I think he liked it.

He started getting a bit tired here and was done opening his presents.

At Grandma's opening presents.

More presents!!!

Playing with his new toys.

In his high chair for the first time.

At the end of the day he still had a smile on his face!

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