Monday, February 1, 2010

Starting solids and turning 6 months!!

We started giving Ryan rice cereal on Friday. Since he was thriving so well and growing like a weed on breast milk alone our pediatrician said to wait until he turned 6 months before beginning solids. I am so happy we were able to wait because there are so many benefits to waiting. I won’t go into that now since I have answered it a million times before. We did start him a couple of days early so I could make sure he was handling it before having daycare feed him his cereal as well. Ryan did great with the cereal! He really enjoyed getting to try something new and actually be able to eat something. Although I don’t know if eating is the proper way to put it because they make you thin it out so much you might as well just say he used a spoon to drink with. However, we are working on getting a good consistency for him that he can handle. He does really enjoy being able to eat off of a spoon like Mommy and Daddy too. Daycare said he is doing well with it there and they are enjoying feeding him. Right now we are giving him cereal twice a day for two weeks and then start him on veggies. I have already started stocking up on baby food. We have carrots, green beans, peas, squash and sweet potatoes so far. Then comes fruits! It should be a fun time! Ryan turned 6 months old today (yes I will say it again), I can’t believe how fast time has flown. It seems like I should just get that tattooed on my forehead now that I have a baby because I say it way too often. We don’t go for his 6 month checkup until the 12th but I am very curious to see how much he has grown in these 6 months. Just by looking at him (and carrying him around) I know he is a big boy! A lot of his 3 to 6 month clothes are getting snug and some are too short. He is wearing some 6 to 9 month clothes now but they are a little too big (we use them anyway because I don’t see the point in buying clothes that would only fit for a week or two). We are going Saturday to have his 6 month pictures taken and I am so excited about them. I am hoping that Ryan will smile a lot more this time around (keeping my fingers crossed!). He is sitting up better and better every day. However, he is still falling over a lot as well. This might not have been the best time (at least for him) for us to have replaced our carpet with laminate flooring. The floors look great though and our house will be on the market as soon as the snow melts and our realtor can take some pictures of the outside. I am trying not to get my hopes on selling quickly with the way the market it is right now but it is hard not to. I am really excited about moving closer to work so we have more time at home (and of course getting a new house is very exciting). Here are some pictures we have taken over the last couple of weeks.

He is playing more and more with his toys and really enjoying them.

Sitting up tall!

Getting ready toe eat his cereal.

First bite

No time for pictures Daddy!

He got ahold of the bowl and dumped it all over.

I wish I had recorded this. He was grunting at me with frustration, I was not getting him his food fast enough.

Daddy took a turn.

And the after picture. Not bad, we kept it out of his hair.

Trying to attack Mommy!

He is getting so strong and can push up much higher than he used to. Not much longer and those legs will start to come up too.

Picture of Mommy and Ryan after church.

And here are two pictures of what our new floors look like.

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