Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a week!

This past week has been a crazy week at our house. Ryan picked up a stomach virus at daycare and was sick last weekend, then I got it and was sick for a few days and then Jonathan got it and was sick. Ryan either never completely got over it or got re-infected with it when we took him back to daycare on Monday because he was sick again on Wednesday and was sent home from daycare. Jonathan stayed home with him (Mommy doesn’t have any time to take at work; which made me really sad, I wanted to be home with my sick baby) so he hasn’t been to daycare for a full day since Monday of last week. Hopefully it is out of his system and out of daycare. He was acting much more like himself over the weekend, which we were very happy about. The big news in our house is . . . . Ryan got his first tooth! I was so sad yesterday when I found it. I just couldn’t believe it and neither could Jonathan but its right there on the bottom. I don’t think it bothered him much or at least he wasn’t chewing on anything more than usual (but that’s hard to really gage because he chews on things all the time anyway). Hopefully they won’t all come shooting out now; Mommy would like to keep her baby a baby for awhile. But he has been determined to not do that since before he was born. Ryan has also started rolling every where. He began rolling from back to belly at 4 months and on Thursday he figured out how to roll from belly to back. Well, this weekend he realized if he rolled he could get places. We can’t keep him on a blanket or in one spot anymore. So, now the chase begins and will never end. Our days of being able to put him down, let him play and know he will be in the same spot and not have to chase after him are over. Plus, he has learned how to get out of his sleep positioner now. He thinks he wants out but as soon as he gets out he wants back in it. I think he still enjoys the comfort and closeness it gives him. We gave him his first hair cut yesterday. It was getting long in the back on the bottom so I just trimmed that up a bit. I thought I was going to cry and probably would have had it not been so difficult to do. Trying to cut a baby’s hair is not an easy task! We met with our realtor Sunday as well and are going to try to get our house ready to put on the market by February 1st. Hopefully we can sell it fast and move. I am really looking forward to living closer to work. That’s what’s been going on in the Johnson house hold for the last week. We don’t have anything planned for this week but I am sure Ryan will keep things interesting.

Ryan has started really enjoying his jumperoo over the last week or two. Here he is playing in it. In this picture he is actually screaming; which is his usual thing while in the jumperoo. It's a scream in delight.

Here he is before nap time playing with his Scout puppy.

He has recently taken an interest in our cats; more so with Allie, our black cat than Abby, our gray cat though.

Mommy and Ryan.

He has started standing a lot more lately and really enjoys the new view.

Before the hair cut.

The hair cut in process.

And the after. As you can see I didn't take off too much.

He started out on the play mat . . .

And ended here.

Here he is playing in his room. It looks like that is where I put him but actually I put him on a blanket in the middle of the room with a few toys. He rolled all the way over to his toys near the wall here. I don't know if that was his plan but he was happy with the results.

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