Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ryan is officially crawling. He has been doing a sort of slither for awhile now but has just within the last week or two he has gotten really good at doing an army crawl. And over the last few days he has gotten very quick at it. I am really surprised at how quickly he learned to go so fast at it! He has been in to everything lately. We have had to put the outlet plug covers on and put up all cords. We are trying to figure out what to do about the fireplace but for now just try to keep him away (we were trying to wait on baby proofing until we moved so we didn't have to do it twice but that didn't happen). He has learned how to open drawers and cabinets now as well. While I cook dinner he has been enjoying playing with some dishes. This keeps him content for awhile so I can get dinner made or clean up. He has also started pulling up on a few things. But is still very shaky on his legs. Also, our big news (if you haven't heard) is we are officially under contract and have sold our house! We have already had the appraisal and the inspection. The inspection went really well and the buyer wants us to fix only one minor thing. We haven't gotten the results back from the appraiser but he told the buyer's realtor that he didn't see any problems. Praying that goes through smoothly. We have begun looking in Frankfort for a place to rent and are hoping to move at the end of May or the beginning of June (our closing date is set for June 15ht). Right now the plan is to rent for a couple of months and then have a new house built. Here are a few pictures of Ryan from the last two weeks.

We went to the park one day. He wasn't for sure what to think of the swings but enjoyed being outside.

I took him down the slide a couple of times. He seemed to find it fun.

Crawling! He is getting much better at his form and speed.

Here he is eating some of the food off the tray that I dropped. Appearently he didn't want to miss one bite, lol!

He has started standing much better and even uses me to pull up a little.

Playing in the kitchen with our dishes.

Eating the spoon.

I put the package of toilet paper in front of the drawer to try to keep him out of it but he got sneaky. He enjoyed playing with the toilet paper and then realized he could get up on it and still get to the drawer.

You can't really see what he is doing but he is chewing on the tag of his toy. You can give him any toy and he will chew on the tag. He searches for tags on just about anything to chew on it.

He has now learned how to scope water with his cup and drink it. All his cups have holes in the bottoms of them to let the water out but with this one he has learned that if he is quick he can drink the water.

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