Thursday, May 13, 2010

9 months and more!

Ryan turned 9 months old on May 2nd and I took him for his check-up on May 6th. He weighed in at 19lbs 6oz (29th percentile) and was 28 ½ inches long (56th percentile). Unfortunately I took him in a day before our appointment was actually scheduled because he was showing signs of another ear infection and sure enough he had another double ear infection. We are giving him another round of a different antibiotic hoping this will get rid of it; however, a week later and I am still noticing some signs that point to the ear infection still being there. He only has 3 more doses of this antibiotic so we will see what happens. Praying these ear infections go away so he doesn’t have to get tubes put in. Also, due to the extra fluid in his ears throwing his equilibrium off he has been getting car sick and throwing up every morning on the way to daycare. One day he covered me in puke, not fun! Unfortunately, there isn’t anything we can do about it right now either since he is on antibiotics we can’t give him anything. He is being a real trooper through this whole thing. He doesn’t fuss in the car from not feeling well and after he gets sick he feels better and goes to sleep. Spoke with the doctor again about his conjunctivitis in his eyes and he said he wants to wait until Ryan is a year old to decide if we need to do anything about it (he said they would go in with a wire and unclog his tear ducts if need be, sounds scary to me so I am also praying that this clears up). Despite how the above sounds, he is doing great! He is a very happy baby who babbles all the time and is in to everything. He is never in the same spot you put him in five seconds later and has found a new curiosity about cat food, lol. We are constantly finding new things that he can get into and reach; which is driving Jonathan crazy. I had a wonderful first Mother’s day with my baby boy. Ryan said mama for the first time over the weekend, made for a great present! We had Ryan dedicated at church on Mother’s day as well. We are packing and getting ready to move hopefully at the end of this month. So far everything has gone smoothly. The appraisal was approved and the inspection was completed with only one request to fix an outside electrical outlet. Huge praise because we were worried something would come up we didn’t know was wrong (as I am sure all homeowners go through that worry). Now we are just trying to find a place to move to.

Ryan's 9 month professional pictures are also available to view. Go to click on Johnson R. 9 months, password is johnson.

We got Ryan a step start walk in ride. He really enjoys being pushed around on it but hasn't figured out how to use it to walk yet.

Here he is crawling everywhere; he doesn't think anything can stop him.

Eating his first bites of real food; banana.
He was having some trouble picking up the banana since its sticky so he decided to smash it.
Ryan and Mommy after church on Mother's day.

Ryan with his new bible and dedication certificate. I am very proud of getting such a great picture of him but it took several tries of him eating the bible or grabbing the certificate.

We finally put the baby bath away and gave Ryan a bath in the "big tub". He loved it! He "swims" all over it and splashes every where.
He even made a new friend in the big tub.
I hope you can see his friend in the mirror.

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