Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moved, 10 months and more!

We moved to Frankfort Memorial Day weekend and I think we are finally getting settled in. There were some issues at first. The air condition quit working and we spent 3 miserable days in the heat. We did get a hotel one day and enjoyed the pool. Ryan loved swimming in the big pool. And he did great sleeping in his pack-n-play; which I was very worried about. Plus, due to some miscommunication our place wasn't cleaned when we moved into it. But we got that all settled and our rent price was knocked down a bit due to the issues. We have been slowly unpacking boxes and I think we now have the majority of the things we are going to unpack out. We are all really loving the short commute to work now. Ryan doesn't get car sick in the morning anymore (huge praise!). We found out that our closing on our house has been pushed back to June 25th due to a miscommunication in the lawyer's office that is handling the closing. We were pretty bummed about that because we have been stressing a little about it and were looking forward to getting that pressure lifted off our shoulders. But we have been reassured everything is still set to go, that the buyer has been approved and that he still wants the house. We are praying everything goes smoothly from here on out.

Ryan turned 10 months old on June 2nd. He is growing and developing wonderfully. Every time I think it isn't possible for him to get quicker or to be more active he continues to prove me wrong. And he isn't even walking yet so I know I have a lot more of it ahead of me. He is crawling and getting into everything! He pulls up on almost everything and there is nothing that is safe from his little hands. Jonathan has gotten frustrated because he can't keep anything on the coffee table anymore, lol. He rarely sits in one place anymore. When he plays he kneels and moves all over the place. Ryan also got his first top tooth on May 31st. He has three now but I think he may get a few more in soon. He has been having more problems with his ears and I had to take him back to the doctor on Monday. He had another ear infection and they put him on a different antibiotic. Because he has had so many (I believe 6) and they think this one has been around since March. We have tried several oral antibiotics and the shots but nothing has cleared up the infection. So, we had to see an ENT on Friday about his ears and possibly getting tubes. The doctor was very nice, explained everything to us and looked at Ryan's ears. He let me hold him while he examined him; which made Ryan very happy. One look and he said that he would highly recommend getting tubes put in. The doctor also said that there is so much fluid that it is probably affecting the way Ryan hears. And it's important for us to get this cleared up soon so that it won't effect Ryan's talking development. Jonathan and I had already discussed what we wanted to do at this point and that was to get Ryan feeling better as soon as possible. So, we have surgery scheduled Tuesday morning (have to be there at 6:30 and the surgery is at 7:30) for Ryan to have tubes put in. We are praying that this helps him feel better and clears up the infections. I realize this is a rather simple procedure but I still don't like my baby having surgery. I know it's for his best so I am going to be brave.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Ryan loved having all the extra boxes around while we were moving.

Jonathan and I have often joked that we brought home a puppy from the hospital because Ryan makes some strange noises. Well, here he is proving us right, lol.

Poor little guy drooled so bad with this top tooth while it was coming in. I believe I changed him three times a day while it was coming in (yes, I know the easier thing to do would have been to keep a bib on him but I don't like keeping a bib on him, he just tries to eat it).

He is getting so tall. And he is so happy that he can just grab these toys now.

Playing in his "corner". We keep his jumperoo in the corner of our new living room and he will drag all his toys over there and play next to it and under it. So funny!

He loves putting his toys up on the shelf and then getting them down now that he can reach it.

He loves that he can kneel now and play with the tops of his toys. Such a different view.

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