Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun filled weekend!

This past weekend we went to Louisville to spend some quality family time together and to celebrate our anniversary a little early. Our anniversary isn’t actually until Saturday; however, we are closing on our house on Friday and couldn’t go out of town this coming weekend so we decided to celebrate early. Anyway, we went to Louisville for a quick trip. We took Ryan to the zoo and had so much fun despite it being so hot. We got there early but it was still pretty hot. We saw the elephants “working out” and Ryan enjoyed watching that. We watched the giraffes during their feeding (long line so we didn’t join in the feeding, just watched) and once again we got a good expression on his face seeing just how tall the giraffes are. We saw one of the gorillas going crazy trying to attack some monkeys he saw through the glass in his cage. Jonathan and I found this very amusing but Ryan was very wide eyed. We played in the water/play area for a little bit but I am not for sure what he thought of that. I think he enjoyed getting cooled off but was a bit overwhelmed by all the kids running around that it made him a bit nervous. I held him and we walked around under the sprinklers to cool off. But the best part of the zoo this time was the penguins. They loved Ryan!! We walked into their room and there were several people in there but the penguins weren’t really doing much. Once we got up to the glass there was one penguin who stared at Ryan for a couple of minutes then started doing tricks for him. It was so funny! Ryan really enjoyed it. Then a bunch of them joined in. I don’t think I have ever seen penguins actually pay any attention to the people watching them but they sure did that day. Even though it isn’t a long drive from Frankfort we still stayed in a hotel to relax. Ryan loved playing in the pool! He really thinks he is a big boy and several times tried to push off of us. He is really going to be a water baby. He enjoyed the room and was so good. Except he did get his finger cut on a mirror in the room and it took quite some time to get it to stop bleeding. Luckily it wasn’t a deep cut but we did have to fill out an accident report at the hotel and they switched our room so he wouldn’t get cut again. We went out to eat, did some shopping and just relaxed. Overall, it was a great weekend. It was really nice to get away, relax and just focus on spending time together. We close on the sale of our house on Friday (please pray every thing goes smoothly) and we are very anxious to get this step done and over with. Below are some pictures I took over this past weekend.

At the zoo checking out the giraffes.

Playing in the sprinklers.

Watching the penguins.

The penguin watching Ryan.

Back at the hotel, Ryan playing with the mirror (just before he cut his finger).

Playing in the pool with Daddy.

Back at home eating dinner; peas, carrots and cheese.

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