Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun times!

Ryan is so much fun! As he has gotten older he has become more vocal and more mobile (as kids do) and we are having so much fun with him. Yes, all this brings new challenges but it also brings new rewards too. Lately, he has been talking more and more. Some things we can understand but most is still just gibberish. He says hello and bye, uh oh and of course da da and ma ma (and Jonathan thinks Ryan can say baby but I haven't heard it, lol). Plus, we have gotten him to say Disney twice! This settled an argument we were having about our vacation too. We are going on a cruise in January and Jonathan told Ryan if he said Disney we would go the day before our cruise leaves. Ryan said it and Jonathan and I looked at each other and said "no, that didn't happen". Ryan then looked straight at us and said it again clear as could be! He hasn't said it since then but Jonathan said he only had to say it once. So, I guess we are taking Ryan to Disney World in January too.

We took Ryan for his 1 year checkup on August 6th. He weighed 22lbs 2oz and was 29 3/4 inches long. Once again that puts him right in the middle. Doctor said he was doing great! Ryan still isn't walking but is getting much better at walking while pushing things so it won't be long before he is running all over the place. We have also moved him up from the nursery to the toddler room at daycare. So far, he has done pretty well with this but you can still really tell when he doesn't get a good nap in that day. That transitioning from two naps a day to one has made for a few rough evenings. I think he really enjoys playing with the "big" kids though. He is eating a lot more table food now too (mostly because he needs to at daycare but I guess I need to let him grow up too). He really seems to enjoy most of it but when he is tired he does not want to feed himself, he just doesn't seem to have the patience for it. Overall, Ryan is such a fun baby and we are really enjoying getting to play with him and watch him grow.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Most are of us playing at home. Two are of Ryan at our church SS class cook out. They had horses and Ryan got to sit on top of a horse for the first time. He loved the horses!! He thought they were so neat and intriguing.

Here we are at his doctor's appointment. We had to wait for awhile and I had forgotten all the toys in the car, this was my attempt at trying to entertain him.

Ryan has developed a bit of an obsession with phones lately. He will pick it up and say hello. He has even started putting his hand to his ear and says hello. Surprised he doesn't try to text on it from watching his mommy, lol.

Here he is trying to share his blocks with me. He is so great at sharing! One big plus I think he has learned from daycare.

Ryan loves pushing his wagon around. He is getting so much better at standing and walking while pushing something.

Ryan has begun another phase of clapping about everything. But it's still cute (to me at least).

Jonathan and Ryan playing in his playhut.

Pushing his walker. It won't be long before he lets go and starts walking.

Crawling under Daddy's legs.

Ryan really liked seeing the horses. He got so excited watching the big kids ride the horse so we let him sit on top of it. He loved it!

He was even brave and touched the horse without anyone telling him to.

Jonathan was pulling Ryan in his lego wagon. It was a bit small for him but he enjoyed it.

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