Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ryan's 1st birthday!!!

Wow, I can't believe a year has passed since Ryan was born. Looking back through the pictures and blog posts I am filled with memories (and tears). I am amazed at how much my life has changed and how much I love my beautiful son. It was amazing watching him grow and learn through out this first year. Jonathan and I both feel so blessed to be parents to a wonderful sweet baby boy (yes, I will still call him my baby). I thank God every day for allowing me to be Ryan's mommy.

Now on to the party. We had Ryan's birthday party on Saturday and it went so well. We had the party at my brother Kenny and sister-in-law Jennifer's house (thanks again!). We had a small party with family hoping Ryan would feel comfortable with a crowd (he doesn't usually do too well with crowds). As a big surprise my twin brother Chris, sister-in-law Nikki and nieces Aubrey and Hayden came down from Illinois for Ryan's party. It was so nice to have them here and to see them. We opened presents first and Ryan did well with this. He didn't understand but with some help from his cousins he figured out how to tear the paper and enjoyed the excitement (the girls were so happy to help too). I had to stop him from eating the wrapping paper a couple of times. He enjoyed the boxes, of course, and now that we have the toys home and he can play with them he enjoys them too. Next was cake and ice cream. Ryan has never had cake or ice cream nor any sweets really (besides just the Gerber puffs and wagon wheels) so this was a big shock for him. He did really well and dug right in. It was so adorable!! He would take a bite and say "mmm" and take another and say it again. By the end he was a huge mess and ready to get out of the spot light. After a quick bath we swam in the pool. Ryan loves water and swimming so this was a great way to end his party.

On Monday (Ryan's actual birthday) we took him to the Newport Aquarium. We all enjoyed looking at the different kids of fish and spending time together. Ryan got to see a big sea turtle up close and personal (well through the glass) as we walked through the glass tunnel. Along with some sharks and big fish. We got to see Jonathan's favorite, the penguins, and many other water creatures as well.

We had a great weekend celebrating Ryan turning one! And while I am sad that he is not a small baby any more I am excited about what God has in store for his future. Each and every day brings something new and it is so neat to see him grow and learn.

Here are a some pictures from Ryan's party and of his birthday.

Opening presents!

He enjoyed pushing this box around.

Trying to figure out this wrapping paper thing.

His great-grandmother got him a card that sings happy birthday. He really liked it. At home he would open and close it trying to figure it out.

Ryan's cousins were helping him open his presents and figure out his toys, they were big help for a one year old who couldn't open his presents quick enough.

Here is trying to eat the wrapping paper.

Getting the hang of it.

Pushing a box, he loved that part.

His dinosaur cake that I made him. It turned out ok (not as nice as I had hoped) but it took much longer than I had anticipated. Next year I think I will order his cake and save my time for playing with him.

I made him a cake shaped as a 1 just for him (minus the food coloring, didn't want to have to scrub his skin clean).

Singing happy birthday to him.

His first bite. He dug right in.

Enjoying his cake.

And the after math. Any time he is done eating he starts pulling at his hair and this day was no exception as you can tell.

Playing in the pool with Daddy.

He loves being thrown in the pool.

Playing in the pool with his cousin Brandon. He had a lot of fun playing with Brandon.

This was the day of his birthday. Here he is playing in the Playhut we bought him. He loves playing in this!!!

The only picture we took at the Newport Aquarium.

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