Sunday, July 25, 2010

11 1/2 months

Well, we have been busy as usual. Thankfully, nothing out of the norm has been going on; just working and spending time together as a family. After several weeks of one of us being sick, teeth getting pulled, doctor's appointments, etc. it was nice to have a weekend where we just relaxed and spent time together. And we will really need the rest because next weekend is going to be so busy. Not much to report other than Ryan is moving more and more. He is doing so much better "creeping" along the furniture but I still think it will be a little bit before he lets go of that furniture and takes his first step. But he has been proving me wrong since day one so we will see what happens. I haven't taken a lot of pictures over the last several weeks but here are a few of the ones I have (batteries in my camera died and I kept forgetting to buy new ones).

Two weeks ago we went to the park at Juniper Hill here in Frankfort. We didn't stay long because it was so hot outside but we did get to enjoy a few things with Ryan. We tried to go to the Silverlake Park by our house but there were too many bees. Jonathan was running every where and we didn't even make it to the playground before he ran back to the car (can't blame him since he is allergic but it was still funny). Here is the best picture we could get, Ryan wouldn't look at the camera. (the bruise on my arm is from the IV when I got my wisdom teeth removed, this was a week after. I have never bruised like this but I am pretty sure the nurse stuck me 4 times, it took 3 weeks for the brusie to go away).

Ryan cheesin it in the tub. He still loves his baths and loves to play. More and more though he is standing in the tub. He has had a couple of nasty falls and last night he got his first goose egg on his head from a fall in the tub. I felt so bad that I couldn't catch him, I tried but he was all soapy and slippery. But it didn't seem to face him and the swelling went down with in a couple of minutes.

And last, here are a couple of pictures that I took today. Ryan loves bananas. He will sit with Jonathan and eat an entire banana. And he has starting saying banana (doesn't sound perfect but we know what he means :)

This one is so cute of them sharing a banana.

Ryan and Mommy!

You can tell he was up to something by the look in his eyes. Still such a cutie though.

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