Monday, October 25, 2010


I am finally updating the blog. It's been way too long since I have but I just haven't had time. We have been super busy with just every day life. Ryan and I have been sick the past two weeks with a nasty cold/cough that I am hoping we are getting rid of. Besides that Ryan has been doing really well. He has adjusted to his toddler room at daycare and taking one nap a day very well. He eats almost anything now (except the few things he isn't allowed to have like nuts and shellfish) which makes meals much easier. I still try to keep his foods healthy so that we can teach him healthy eating habits though (now if only I could learn that lesson). And he finally took his first steps yesterday. Ryan never wants to walk when you are trying to get him to by holding his hands. He will pick his legs right up off the ground. But yesterday, Jonathan went to set Ryan down and Ryan stood up instead of sitting down. And when Jonathan let Ryan's hands go he took three steps towards me on the couch. We couldn't believe it and were super excited! We haven't gotten him to do it again but he has taken his time to get to this point so he obviously has his own plans. We were just happy he did it and we got to see it!

We turned Ryan's car seat around so now he is facing forward. He thinks he is such a big boy. But now he wants you to pay attention to him and does not occupy himself as much.

He is getting better at using a spoon to feed himself but uses the wrong end, lol.

He loves to help put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Here he is talking on my phone.

He loves it when we get in his playhut to play with him! It's a good thing this playhut came with a lot of balls because right now his favorite thing is throw them every where. He loves to play catch now.

One day while Jonathan ran into the store to get something, I let Ryan play in the front seat. He was so excited to get to "drive" the car.

Ryan's aunt Nikki is at Ft. Knox for some training and came for a visit. We went to a pumpkin patch with her and one of my friends; however, when we got there Ryan was asleep. Aunt Nikki enjoyed getting to cuddle Ryan.

He loved getting to hit the pumpkins. He kept trying to pick them up.

Jonathan and I took Ryan to an orchard this past weekend. We really enjoyed our family day out.

They had a great petting zoo.

We got to pet a baby zebra, it was very soft!
We didn't get a picture of it but they had turtles at the petting zoo too. Ryan kept saying turtle over and over again, it was so cute! I'm not sure why he has always loved turtles but he has.
Here is Ryan sitting on a big pumpkin.
He enjoyed getting to sit in the wagon and hold his little pumpkin. However, he did eat part of the stem when we weren't looking.
Ryan absolutely loved crawling through the tunnel on the ground!

We realized that our make shift baby gate (aka, the pack-n-play) no longer works.
And this is what happens.
I would sure like to know how he learned to do this. Even though he doesn't go any where were he could climb steps he is pretty good at it and doesn't seem to have any fear of them. Needless to say we are going shopping for a baby gate with measurements this time (the last couple we have bought won't fit where we need them to so they have been returned).

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  1. Looks like you all have been having some fun! Ryan is getting to be such a big boy and his hair has really grown! Cora also likes to help with the dishwasher, but she unloads. :) She also started climbing stairs at Matt and Ruth's house yesterday when we weren't looking... Luckily Ruth found her when she was about halfway up!