Thursday, November 4, 2010


We had a great Halloween this year! Ryan's first Halloween we dressed him up as a pumpkin but did not go anywhere because he was still so little (plus, he had a little cold). This year he was a dinosaur. We took him to our church's fall festival and trunk-or-treat. Thankfully the weather was beautiful out! We enjoyed getting to see the costumes and showing Ryan off. He was the cutest dinosaur ever! Below are some of the pictures that we took.
Mommy and the cutest dinosaur ever! (despite not having a nap on Sunday, he did really well at the festival).
They had pony rides! Ryan was very excited!
He wouldn't hold on though, made me nervous.
At home with his pumpkins.
He still isn't walking. We did get him to take 3 steps and then 2 steps this weekend though so hopefully it won't be much longer. Maybe I need to take his walker away.
He took his role as a dinosaur seriously and would roar and get you with his hand. It was so cute!! Here he is getting ready to roar and attack me.
He loves to attack his mommy!

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