Monday, November 8, 2010

15 Months!

Ryan turned 15 months old on the 2nd. And boy has so much changed. We took him for his check-up and he weighs in at 24lbs 3oz (46%) and is 31 inches long (46%). Dr. Gillespie went ahead and did an x-ray of his hips to make sure everything was ok since he was still not really walking. Thankfully, that turned out well; however, he still wanted me to contact First Steps (a program that helps kids with development issues). But apparently Ryan did not want someone to come look at him because that very day he started really walking. He will walk from Jonathan to me and back several times. And is getting braver each day. He gets so tickled and thinks it is a fun game! We, of course, cheer and appalled to encourage it. I was so happy to see that he is catching on to it. This morning when we took him to daycare we had him walk into the room, everyone cheered for him and it was such a bitter sweet moment. Sad that he was growing up but happy that he is growing up, guess that's the motto of being a parent. Besides that, we are doing well. Ryan has two more teeth, molars. He is so funny, never does anything in the right order. So now he has 8 teeth; four on the top in the front/middle and four on the bottom, two in the middle and now the two molars. He is very vocal and more words are coming out all the time. He is still a big momma's boy and I am loving every minute of that. Below are some pictures of this past weekend.

Here Ryan is trying to walk and ride his toy all at the same time.

He loves Toy Story and wearing these pj's.

We switched his walker to a rider this weekend trying to get him to walk more, here he is enjoying it.

Ryan loves to play in the cabinets while I cook, he is literally in the cabinet.

And our proud moment, Ryan walking!!!

We made chocolate chip cookies Sunday, we both enjoyed them.

Playing in his play hut.

He is getting pretty good at working his puzzles too! And he gets excited when he does it too!

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  1. Adorable pictures! Ryan has the cutest little smile. Glad he is doing so well. He isn't the only one whose teeth aren't coming in in the right order. Tooth number 6 for Cora was a molar, so her front teeth are unbalanced! Curious to see what comes up next... Love the walking pic!! What a big boy!