Saturday, September 29, 2012

Restarting blog!!

So I've decided to start blogging again. Its been a really long time since I've posted but with baby #2 on the way I thought I should keep a record for this baby as well. Baby #2 is due March 19th, putting me at 15 weeks 4 days along as of today. First trimester was as expected, lots of queasiness and exhaustion. I ate carbs like my life depended on it. Now that I'm in the second trimester the queasiness has gone away but I am still tired all the time. I've only gained 4lbs but my stomach looks much bigger earlier this time around, I guess what they say is true, you do show much faster with your second. I have also felt the baby move much earlier this time. Somewhere around 10 or 11 weeks I started feeling slight movements when I was scrunched up on the couch. Now, that's still usually when I feel movement but its much stronger than before and I do occasionally feel movement at other times. We are very excited about expanding our family. And Ryan is so happy to be getting a little brother or sister. He is so certain the baby is a girl! Just the other day he started patting my stomach saying "my sister likes it when I do this!". He's so sweet to the baby already and always talks so lovingly about the baby. I'm hoping that doesn't change! Ryan turned 3 on August 2nd. He is 38" tall and weighs 35lbs. He is very very talkative! Loves going to daycare (most days) to play with his friends, he knows his ABCs, can recognize lots of letters and is working on counting (he can count to 20, some days higher but I think he still is learning this area). He loves playing using his imagination. Right now he has definitely hit age 3, 3 is worse than 2, lol. We recently got back from a 10 day vacation and I am going to be posting our trip review here soon. My next doctor's appointment isn't until October 8th and nothing exciting will be going on at that appointment. I probably won't have many baby updates so I'm hoping the vacation updates will get me back into updating regularly. First ultrasound, 8/3/12. I was only 7 weeks 4 days so it's not the best picture.
And this is a pic of me at 15 weeks.

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