Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 WDW & Disney Cruise Vacation - Day 1

  We woke up early to get to the Lexington airport for our flight. Delta had switched our 8:30am flight to 7:10am so we had to get up earlier than we wanted to but we are on vacation so that’s a plus. We were running a few minutes behind schedule but the Lexington airport is not usually busy and small so we were able to get to our gate with no problem at all. We checked our bags in and got a nice surprise, the man working for Delta didn’t charge us for our bags! He did warn us that we’d be charged on the way back but he didn’t “have” to so he was being nice. Wohoo! Great way to start vacation, saving $50 bucks!

  We got to our gate and had just enough time to run Ryan to the bathroom before the started bordering our plane. In short time we were on our way to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta we checked our next gate, switched terminals and then got something to eat. We were all hungry! It was still early but I had been up for hours so I wanted some lunch. We found a place serving something other than breakfast (pizza) and sat down to eat. After, we walked to our next gate to find out it had been switched to two gates down from where we had gotten off the plane! For those of you that have flown into Atlanta you know how big that airport is. We had to go from terminal B to terminal A and then back to B. This was all to Ryan’s delight since he got to ride the escalators and the train again. We got to a very packed gate and had to stand to wait to start boarding. Thankfully they let us board early since we had to gate check our stroller (they said they were testing a new system of letting those with young kids board after first class, apparently that didn’t go well because this was the only time we got to board early).

  Both flights were uneventful all things considered. Ryan was good (thank you portable DVD player!), there was very little turbulence and no delays or other issues. I don’t usually fly well and this was no exception this time around either. I get pretty sick to my stomach and have been known to use the provided bag that everyone laughs about. I have been wearing seasick bands the last few times while flying and that seems to help; however, I guess being pregnant was a bit much because I felt awful this day and on our return trip (thankfully the bag wasn’t necessary, I just felt crummy). It only took an hour or so and a little drink to start feeling better so I’m thankful it wasn’t worse.

  We arrived in Orlando and it felt like home. We went straight to the bathroom (that was a frequent place for us with a 3 year old) and then down to board a bus to Disney. We didn’t have to wait long at all (maybe 10 minutes, if that) and we were on our way to Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside! This is a new resort to us; we’ve never stayed here before. I was really looking forward to it because the pictures were beautiful and it’s hard to talk Jonathan into trying new things.

View of Magnolia Terrace building (our building) from across the river.

Walk Way to our room.

Inside of our room.

  Check in took longer than usual, they were super busy for a Wednesday afternoon. But once we did check they said our room was ready so that was a plus! We walked our bags to our room, dropped them off and went to get something to eat. It wasn’t yet 2 but it had been several hours since we ate and we were all hungry. Jonathan and I split a burger and fry combo and we got Ryan chicken nuggets and fries (sadly, this will be his main diet for the next week and a half; I’m ashamed to admit it). We also picked up our resort mugs and each got dessert. Food was pretty good for resort food. The cheesecake Jonathan and I got was yummy.

  After our late lunch we walked around the resort a little and decided we wanted to go swimming. Ryan couldn’t wait to get in the water! We had bought him a puddle jumper (float/life jacket type thing) and he was super excited to try it out. The pool at the resort was nice and they had pool games going on while we were there. Ryan got to practice “swimming” and loved it!! The puddle jumper allowed him to have some freedom from us holding him and actually move on his own (I highly recommend these, it is awesome!). He really gained some confidence in the water over this vacation! We spent almost 2 hours playing in the pool.

  Once finished swimming and changed, we walked around the resort some more. They had the horse out for carriage rides (really thought about doing this but since this part of our trip was a pre-trip I didn’t want to spend the extra money, it wasn’t too expensive though so it will go on the “to-do” list for another time). We played in the arcade for a little bit (it’s great that Ryan is still young enough to play the games on when they are just in demo mode, lol). We played skeeball (one of my favorite arcade games) and Jonathan tried to teach Ryan how to play a basketball game. Ryan also played on the playground letting off some more energy. It’s a little playground but there were only two other kids there so it was great for him. Plus, the ground is made out of that rubber stuff so he couldn’t hurt himself.

Jonathan and Ryan playing a game in the arcade.

We got dinner from the resort food court again. Jonathan and I both got make-your-own pasta dishes. I had penne with alfredo sauce, chicken, broccoli and sundried tomatoes. It was very good! The portion was huge so I split it with Ryan. It came with garlic bread and of course a dessert and drink since we were on the dinning plan. We both got sundaes as our dessert. Dinner was very yummy! We all enjoyed it. After dinner, it was bath and bed time for Ryan. We had a long day, he didn’t get a nap and we were getting up early for Magic Kingdom the next day. I read a little to unwind and went to bed shortly after as well. Flying wears me out! But Jonathan beat me to bed by a long shot (he might have been asleep even before Ryan), I think he got like 10 hours of sleep that night.

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