Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby update - 20 weeks

  Sorry this is a little late but I need to give a baby update.  I had my second ultrasound on October 17th and we found out we will be welcoming another boy into our family.  We are all very excited.  Ryan was sure this baby was a girl but has now warmed up to the idea of getting a baby brother and corrects his self if he calls the baby a "she" now all on his own.  The appointment itself was not my anatomy scan since I was only 18 weeks.  It was to check the length of my cervix.  My doctor is keeping an eye on it this time around since I had problems with it while pregnant with Ryan.  Thankfully, my cervix was closed and long at this ultrasound.  So, we are still taking the "wait and see" approach before taking any more measures.  I do have my actual anatomy scan scheduled with Dr. Campbell, my high risk doctor I had with Ryan, for November 5th.  We will check the length again at that appointment. 
  I also had blood drawn at this last appointment for genetic testing.  It is an optional test but we had it done with Ryan just because we'd like to be prepared and know what we were facing if something was wrong.  With Ryan the results came back with a high level of AFP; which means an increased risk for neural tube defect.  They ruled that out at my 20 week ultrasound with him and said that since it wasn't that then it could mean I was at an increased risk for pre-term labor (and well, we know that happened).  The results came back the same way this time, a high level of AFP.  We will talk to Dr. Campbell about it at our ultrasound to find out if this changes anything or if we should still take the "wait and see" approach.  I'm not really concerned about the increased risk of neural tube defect because I feel this baby move all the time, maybe I'm wrong but I think the baby is fine.  I am worried about the risk of pre-term labor again so I have lots of questions for both my doctors.

  That's about it for now.  I will hopefully have more information next week.   

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