Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 WDW & Disney Cruise Vacation - Day 4

Day Four:  It’s cruise day!  Yay!  We were sad to be leaving Disney World but not all that sad since we were getting ready to board the Disney Fantasy.  We had scheduled for a shuttle to pick us up at 9 to go get our rental car so we were in no big hurry this morning.  We woke up and got ready, packed what was still out and said bye to our room.  We had one last danish at our resort before heading out front to wait for the shuttle.  Our driver called and said he was running a little behind, not a good start; however, this did not continue (it got better).  We used Budget rental this time around.  Jonathan was very nervous about renting a car because last time it was a huge hassle renting from Avis (had to take a bus to Downtown Disney to go to the hotel across from there to pick up the car, waited quiet some time to get the car and then when we returned it in Port Canaveral we had to wait to be shuttled over because Avis’s bus had broke down).  Our driver showed up about 15 minutes late but was polite and apologetic about it, said his last passenger was late.  We were quickly taken to the hotel where the Budget desk was.  The desk was just right inside the door and we were the only ones there.  The lady had us checked in and a car ready before I had even gotten back out of the bathroom with Ryan, I was shocked.  We walked out to the car, got the car seat hooked up and were on our way.  Driving to Port Canaveral is a little annoying because of all the tolls but I guess that’s just because we come from a state that doesn’t have tolls.  But in less than an hour and after stopping for gas right next to the Budget center, we returned the car.  And to our delight there was a shuttle waiting!  We were able to hop on and were at the port by 11.  It was so much easier this time around and so pleasant.  We will defiantly use Budget again in the future.
It truly is a site to see the ship when you first go over the hill when driving to Port Canaveral.  Seeing your cruise ship in the distance and knowing that will be home for the next week is so exciting!


We dropped our checked bags off to the porters and headed thru security.  Everything was very easy and such a breeze!  We didn’t have to wait in line at all to check in.  It only took a few minutes for them to issue us our Key to the World cards and we were given boarding #6.  I did not stand in line to check Ryan into the kids club here because I had read that it was much easier and quicker to do onboard (and I’m glad I waited, the line was long here and no one in line onboard at the open house) nor did we stand in line to see Mickey or Minnie, lines were long for them as well.
Model of the ship in the cruise terminal.  

You go thru Mickey Ears to get on the ship thru the cruise terminal.  Love the details Disney does.


After just a short wait we were called to board.  We had our picture taken and were boarding.  It was a neat thing to hear our name called and having them clap and wave at us as we came on board.  Ryan liked that they were wearing Mickey hands.  The first view takes your breath away, the atrium is beautiful!  We walked thru quickly because we didn’t want to add to the congestion or be a cause for it so we headed toward the elevators (which were very easy to find).  We saw the mosaic of the Cinderella coach and the big chair and I was in love.

Ryan and me in the royal chair.

We headed straight for Cabanas for lunch because surprise, surprise I was hungry, lol.  Cabanas is really nicely decorated in my opinion, again the tile work is amazing!  We picked up plates and quickly found enough we wanted and were sitting down to eat by 12.  I do not remember what we ate specifically, just that it was good and filling.

Mural in Cabanas.


We walked around for a little bit after lunch just taking it all in.  We went up to Palo to make a brunch reservation (which we had no problem getting the day or time we wanted).  Our room was ready by 1:30 so we switched into swimsuits and went back up on deck.  Jonathan really wanted to ride the Aquaduck (water coaster) and Ryan was just itching to get into Nemo’s Reef splash area.  Ryan loved Nemo’s Reef (and we would be back many times before the end of the week) and Jonathan really enjoyed his ride.  We went back to the room, changed and headed back out to check out the ship some more.  We went to the open house at the kids club.  I had already pre-registered online so checking Ryan in was very quick and easy.  They gave us the Mickey band and we went into explore.  Ryan loved the Monsters Inc room and Andy’s Room.

Ryan playing in Andy’s room on Rex. 

And a few more pics of the Kids Club.  The Monsters Inc Room.  Ryan loved this room. 

 Andy's Room - Slinky Dog, this was very long and the kids crawled thru it. 

The computer lab was inside the submarine. 

  This place is so neatly decorated and fun!  There are tons of computers for the kids to play on as well; Ryan thought this was so neat!  He loved being able to actually play on the computer!  They have smaller scaled bathrooms just for kids and automatic hand washing machines (they were pretty interesting!).  Ryan loved it and was so excited to go back!  We walked thru all the night clubs/adult only areas. 

Ryan and Jonathan playing in a phone booth in one of the night clubs. 

We saw both theaters and more art work.  We played a game of shuffle board, Ryan found this amusing.  By now it was time for our muster drill.  This was super easy, we were in the Walt Disney Theater balcony area and it was over in just a short time.  We headed up to the pool deck to the Sail Away Party next.  This was so fun!  It’s a great way to start a Disney cruise to be out on deck dancing with the characters.


After we went back to the room for a little bit before dinner to relax.  We had already gotten one of our bags so I unpacked it.  I believe during this time Ryan played on my Kindle and Jonathan watched tv while I unpacked, not sure how I always get to be in charge of the fun stuff.  When we boarded I did notice that we got the dinning rotation that we had requested, so tonight we were in Enchanted Garden.  Our other bag was waiting outside our door when we left for dinner.  Ryan had chicken tenders, fries and mac and cheese.  This one was a favorite for him and he had it a few nights.  They did serve it with veggies and made a cute Mickey head out of ketchup as well.  I started out with heirloom tomato soup and a romaine wedge.  Both were pretty good.  Jonathan had lobster ravioli.  We both had the prime rib that was served with double baked potato and we thought it was good.  Potatoes were a little dry in my opinion but when you are cooking for the masses I guess that happens.  For dessert, Ryan had an ice cream Mickey bar.  He loved these and had one almost every night.  

I had a chocolate torte and it was ok.  Jonathan had the banana foster sundae and enjoyed it.  We did not do much else this night, we were all tired.  So we headed back to our room to relax and get Ryan to bed.  I finished unpacking and read for a little bit while Jonathan watched tv (he watched 6 movies on tv while on the cruise, lol).     

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