Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby update and vacation day #5

  I had a regular doctor's appointment on Monday, nothing much happened but I did get to hear the baby's heartbeat.  The little bugger was moving every where and my doctor had a hard time getting he/she to stay still long enough to get a reading.  But we did and the heart rate was 145 (which leads her to believe another boy).  We did discuss a few things and I scheduled an ultrasound for the 19th.  I thought I was going to have to wait until the end of the month/beginning of Novemeber before I could find out if we are having a boy or girl.  Well, because of the compliations I had with Ryan, my doctor wants to monitor my cervical length every two weeks, so yay for an early ultrasound!!  Hoping the baby cooperates and let's us get a peek, I'd really like to know if it's a boy or girl!!  If nothing else it'll be easier with Ryan, who currently thinks I have a girl baby in my tummy and he has a boy baby in his tummy. 

And here is another vacation day post. :) 

Day Five: Our first full day at sea! We planned on having a nice relaxing day and that’s exactly what I was going to do, relax! Ryan never really sleeps in late so he and I were up before 7:30. I showered and got ready for breakfast while he watched cartoons and Jonathan slept. After I was ready I made Jonathan get up and get ready so we could all go get breakfast, this pregnant lady doesn’t like to wait to eat in the morning, I am always hungry early. We went up to Cabanas and found plenty to eat. Omelets, hash browns, pancakes, Mickey waffles, cereal, pastries and donuts, fruit, etc. So much food! Everything I had on my plate was very good. I made Ryan a plate and what do you think he ate, cereal. He didn’t really want any of the other stuff for breakfast all week besides maybe a bite or two of a donut, maybe some fruit but would eat cereal every morning.

After breakfast, Ryan and I went to “Wake up With Disney Junior”. It was a little dance party for the kids. There was a cast member there and he was very interactive with the kids. They played music from Disney Junior shows and did different dances. Goofy came in for a little bit and danced with the kids too. It was fun and cute! Great way to start the morning.

After this, Ryan was begging to go to the kids’ club. I hadn’t been sure about taking him before the cruise (I don’t like him spending so much time away from us, we both work all day and he is in daycare, I feel we miss so much) but he was begging to go. I made sure he understood that I couldn’t go and that he would be going by himself, he was fine with that and excited to run around and play. So, reluctantly I took him to the kids’ club. Since I had some free time on my hands with no plans (this never happens!!!) I decided to relax. I grabbed my Kindle from the room and went to the adults’ only area up on the pool deck, grabbed a chair and read a book. Jonathan isn’t the type to just sit and has a hard time with it. He decided he wanted to go swimming so he changed and got in the adult only pool for a little bit with an occasional run over to me just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten about him and to interrupt my reading. It was drizzling rain at this point but he was in the pool and didn’t care. They made an announcement that the Aquaduck was still open despite the rain so he went over to take another ride; however, before he got to the top of the stairs they had closed it due to lightening. With nothing for him to do I thought he was going to sit down and drive me crazy, thankfully he couldn’t sit there long so he went back to the room to change and explorer the ship. I loved having my time to read. It was so nice to be able to sit down, read a good book and look out at the ocean everywhere around us, aw this is the life!

After about an hour and a half I went back to the kids’ club to pick up Ryan. He was playing on one of the computers when I went in there and the look on his face when he saw me was priceless. And not in the way to make a mommy’s heart melt. I do believe if looks could make people disappear, I would have, lol. He was not happy I was there and he was not ready to leave! It was getting close to lunch time though so I told him he could come back another time and he was happy with that. We went back to the room for a few minutes to meet back up with Jonathan and to hear about Ryan’s time in the kids’ club. He said he got to play in Andy’s room, in the Monsters Inc room, on the light up dance floor and on the computers. He was particularly happy he got to play on a computer just for him. I was glad he enjoyed his time but I missed him while he was gone (and checked the Wave phone every few minutes, lol).

Once we were all back together we went up to Cabanas to grab lunch. Again, I don’t remember what we had but it was all good (nothing spectacular but all yummy and we found plenty to our liking). I believe we walked around the ship a little more after lunch. We headed back to our room so Ryan could get a nap and I’m pretty sure I took one as well, after all, relaxing was the only thing on today’s agenda. After nap time, we changed into swim wear and went to go play. Ryan played some more in Nemo’s Reef area and loved it. We also went up to the Aqua Lab spray area for a little bit. This was fun but he preferred Nemo’s Reef (and I did too since it is covered). I also took my first ride on the Aqua Duck. I wasn’t sure what the ride was going to be like but the first half is faster and you get kind of a water slide feel, then the second half is more relaxed and you are able to look around to take in the great view. Jonathan took another ride down it as well. Ryan wanted to go on the Mickey kids’ slide so my husband walked him up the steps and gave him a little push. Well, that “little” push wasn’t enough and Ryan didn’t even make it around the first corner completely. He sat there looking at Jonathan and couldn’t figure out what to do. While Jonathan was trying to explain to him how to push himself down another kid went down knocking Ryan down the rest of the way. Ryan was not happy about this and did not want to go again! Then despite being told not to (he later said he never heard him say that), Jonathan went down the slide. He got yelled at by the cast member once at the bottom. Not a great start to the slide for Ryan and he quickly went back to Nemo’s Reef to go down Mr. Ray’s slide (which was short but fast and he loved it).

  After a few hours of playing around in the water we went back to the room to change and get ready for dinner. Tonight was formal night and we were in Royal Court. Before going down to the Royal Court we waited in line to see Mickey. We were all dressed up and wanted a good picture with Mickey (and this is the one we ended up buying).

Family picture with Captain Mickey (the one we bought turned out better than this but I haven't scanned it in). 

  My first glimpse of the Royal Court and I was impressed. It is a beautiful restaurant! The mosaics on the walls were stunning, the chairs and light fixtures all added to the great ambiance of the room. With my love for Disney Princesses, this was easily my favorite of the 3 rotational restaurants. I had the double baked cheese and spinach soufflé to start with; Jonathan had the iced lobster and jumbo shrimp. We both enjoyed our starters. Then I had the Royal Market Green salad that came with goat cheese. I wasn’t as fond of this, turns out I don’t like goat cheese unless it’s melted on something. I can’t remember what Jonathan had, probably more shrimp though. For our main course, we both had the aged angus grilled beef tenderloin topped with garlic shrimp (I quickly gave my shrimp to Jonathan) and marquis potatoes. Steak was tender and juicy and the cognac reduction sauce served with it was nice. For dessert I had the grand mariner soufflé, which was very good. Jonathan had the strawberry shortcake sundae and he enjoyed it. Ryan had spaghetti and meatballs and he ate a lot of it. Our assistant server was nice and cut it all up for Ryan (Ryan got a kick out of them cutting his food for him instead of mommy).

A few pictures from Royal Court

This is a picture of the center table, it was different than the others.  Also, you can see the waiter's uniforms in the background.  They had different ones each night.  

Bread Basket

And here are a couple pictures of the plates they had on the wall near our table.

After dinner we went back to the room for a little bit before the show. We went to see Aladdin tonight. Ryan loved this show and now watches Aladdin at home all the time. Jonathan and I enjoyed the show but thought a few things could have been done a bit better. They did have some very life like horses (or at least they looked that way from our seats in the balcony, lol) and we had to do a double take before realizing there was no way a horse could live on a cruise ship, lol. And it was much better than entertainment shows we’ve seen on other cruise lines. Once the show was over we went back to the room and it was bath and bed time for Ryan. Jonathan and I did not stay up much longer either. Tomorrow was our first port stop, Grand Cayman, and we were going to the beach.

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