Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 WDW & Disney Cruise Vacation - Day 7

Day Seven: Today the ship was docking at Costa Maya; however, we were not getting off. I love venturing out to the ports and seeing new places (we’ve never been to Costa Maya); however, Jonathan loves staying on the ship and really wanted to try to take advantage of the ship today. We had agreed well before going on vacation that we would stay on the ship this day. I didn’t see much to do at Costa Maya besides a beach day or to see some of the pyramids (I didn’t think I could get my 3 year to sit still on the bus ride long enough to get there, plus we weren’t in port long so we ruled that out) and we knew Castaway Cay would top any other beach so I gave in and we stayed on ship. We had booked a brunch reservation at Palo for this day and were very excited about it. Ryan slept in a little for him this morning and when he woke up we did our morning routine. He and I did go upstairs to have breakfast together while Jonathan got ready though, he wasn’t hungry. Ryan and I enjoyed our cereal breakfast together very much. He’s a mommy’s boy and loves to spend time with me.  After breakfast we went back to the room to meet up with Jonathan. I got dressed for Palo and we told Ryan that he got to go back to the kids’ club, he was so excited!

We dropped Ryan off and went to Palo. When we first went in there were not that many people there (we had a 10am reservation). This place is very nice and romantic.

Light fixture at the entrance to Palo

We got a nice table, it was a booth set in the back kind of by itself with a great view looking out at the ocean. This is the closest thing Jonathan and I have had to a date since Ryan was 7 weeks old so we were glad we got a great table.

Flowers on every table.

Our view looking out.

Our server, whose name I can’t remember and I feel awful about that, was amazing. She showed us around the buffet and explained how to order entrees. She did not want us to feel rushed at all so she said she would wait to take our order after we had a chance to sample some of the wonderful pastries and appetizers they had. They had all kinds of pastries, cheeses, fruits, cold seafood, etc. to fill up on; you could really make a meal out of this and be pleasantly full. But don’t! You need to save room for the entrees and desserts. We ordered a pizza to split, half margarita and half grape (sounds weird but it was really good!). I ordered the strawberry soup and while it was good I don’t like mint. The mint wasn’t strong so I did enjoy a little of the soup but after a few bites I couldn’t get past the mint flavor and wanted to save room for the chicken parmesan I had ordered. Jonathan also ordered the chicken parmesan dish. We both really really enjoyed it. The chicken was nice and crispy but not overly cooked. The cheese melted on top was the right amount, the red sauce was very tasty and the risotto it sat on was so good!! This was by far the best dish I had on the cruise the entire time. If you go to Palo for brunch you have to order this!!!

By the time dessert came we were both so full but if you know me you know I have a second stomach just for sweets.  We filled our plates from the dessert buffet and enjoyed everything we got.

We both found a few things that we really enjoyed and got seconds on those. By the time we left Palo we were both stuffed and almost needed to be wheeled out, lol. Honestly, if you are going on a Disney cruise you have to book Palo. It was so good! I wish we had booked more than one meal there.

After Palo we went to go get Ryan. He had been in the kids’ club for almost 2 hours but it was getting close to lunch and I knew he’d be hungry. When we picked him up he wasn’t as reluctant to leave this time but was still all talk about how much he enjoyed it. Peter Pan had come in and read them a story, he loved that!! We promised him that he would get to come back at least once more before the cruise was over. Neither Jonathan nor I was hungry but we had to feed Ryan so we went to lunch. I believe we just got him some chicken tenders and fries and I probably tried to get him to eat some fruit and veggies as well. After lunch we went back to the room for a nap.

We didn’t stay in the room long; Jonathan was itching to take advantage of the ship with a lot of people at Costa Maya. We decided to go play a game of mini- golf (or as my son said he played Mickey golf because he was a boy and I played Minnie golf since I’m a girl). It was a fun game and we enjoyed our time. Ryan is finally getting the idea of hitting the ball with his club, it was so cute watching him (wish I had my camera with me). After, we played the mystery game and Ryan chose to do the “Missing Puppies”. This is an interactive art game and is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen. The art looks so real; however, it’s really not a painting but an interactive screen that you hold your detective card in front of and it plays you a clip with a clue and then you have to move your card around to do different things. We really enjoyed this and Ryan was glad we caught bad Captain Hook and returned those puppies! He loved putting Captain Hook in jail. We also swam, played in Nemo’s Reef, rode the Aquaduck and Ryan rode the Mickey slide again.

After we played around the ship for a few hours we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. We were back in Enchanted Garden and the theme was Prince and Princess Dinner. I had the Beast’s Potato and Sausage Casserole soup; which I wasn’t fond of and only ate a few bites and Jonathan had the duck and cheese quesadilla, he did not care for this but I had a bite of it and thought it was good. I also had a caesar salad, I do not remember what else Jonathan had to eat. For my main entrée I had the peppercorn crusted New York strip with sautéed green beans and corn and potatoes with a brandy sauce. I enjoyed my entrée. Jonathan had the oven roasted turkey and enjoyed it as well. I believe Ryan just had chicken strips, mac & cheese and fries (I did say he ate this often). For dessert I had the chocolate soufflé, which I liked and Jonathan had the sundae. I think this was his favorite sundae of the cruise because it had rocky road ice cream, his favorite. Ryan had a Mickey bar, of course.

Here are a few pictures of Enchanted Garden. 

The lighting starts out bright with the flower lights closed. 

And then as the meal goes on the "sky" turns dark and the flowers open up.  Very neat. 

After dinner I wanted to go see Wishes; however, Jonathan was tired and didn’t want to go. So we just went back to the room and relaxed. I didn’t keep Ryan up too late because I knew he wouldn’t get a nap the next day. I know I stayed up and read more of my book, it’s hard to get this much time to read at home and I was loving “my time” to myself even if it was in a small room with Jonathan watching tv or sleeping and Ryan sleeping. The next day we were going to Cozumel and I wanted everyone to be rested because we had a big day planned, swimming with the dolphins.

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