Monday, May 4, 2009

26 weeks

Yea! We made it to 26 weeks yesterday! It's hard to believe that it has been this long. After trying for almost a year to have a baby we are so excited that we only have 14 weeks or less to go. Week 25, this past week, was a pretty good week overall. We had a little scare on Tuesday and had to make a trip to the hospital. I started having contractions around 7:30 and took my medicine. The contractions stopped shortly after; however, they came back a little before 9. I went ahead and took another pill because the contractions were coming about 8 minutes apart. After that they stopped for about a half hour and then started back up again and were consistently 8 minutes apart. That has never happened before so we were a little nervous. I had been instructed by my doctor that if my contractions hadn't stopped after taking two pills or if I had more than 6 in an hour to go to the hospital and since I had both of those we went. Once at the hospital they hooked me up to the monitor and I had a few more contractions and then they stopped for no apparent reason. They did a fetal fibronectin test; which predicts if you will go into labor within the next two weeks based fluids, my test came back negative so they let me go home. Since then I have been doing very well. I haven't had to take my medication but a few times; which is much better than last week where I was having to take it two to three times a day. We are very hopeful that what ever it was that was causing the contractions has worked itself out of my system. I have taken it pretty easy all week and have done very well.

My big activity for the week was to go visit Jonathan's grandparents on Saturday. We drove down to Russell Springs with Jonathan's mom and had a nice visit with his grandparents, who got to see the ultra sound pictures of their new great-grand baby for the first time. My body handled the car trip pretty well but I did have a few contractions that night; however, the medicine did its job and they stopped. Ryan has been kicking and stretching like crazy lately. I think he is going to be a very long baby or maybe it just feels that way because there is not much room in there for him to stretch. He has been pushing at my sides and stomach trying to make more room. And you would think that he would like it when I eat so that he could get some food as well; however, he does not because then there is even less room in there for him. But its an amazing feeling to get to feel him move around and see him move as well.
Jonathan put together the crib and a bookcase this weekend. I was very excited to get those put in the room. It is actually starting to look like a nursery. We are now just waiting for the dresser and glider to come in to get those set up. Well, that is about it for now. This week will hopefully be a good week. I am going to work on finding a day care for our little guy and lets hope we can find one that is not only affordable but also safe and clean. Here are a few pictures I took this week of our progress.

Our crib in the room!

The crib with the comforter.

The bookcase we got for Ryan's room.
The nursery as it is now. Still waiting on the last two pieces of furniture and more decorations but it is starting to come together.
And an updated pictured of me at 26 weeks. I am getting bigger and bigger every week.

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