Monday, May 25, 2009

Another good week!

Last week was another good week for us. I am feeling better and having fewer real contractions. The medicine hasn't been needed nearly as much; which is great news. I am getting bigger and the baby is moving all the time. Ryan's movements have gotten much stronger even though I thought that was impossible. I can tell knees from feet and elbows from fists. And I can tell we are going to have one active little guy. Jonathan gets quit a kick out of feeling Ryan's knees roll over my stomach. I took it pretty easy at the beginning of the week. I did have lunch with a friend, Erin, on Wednesday. It was nice to see her and catch up. She is just a couple of weeks behind me and is having a little girl. Then I went to my niece's birthday party on Thursday night. We were suppose to go to a child care class; however, it wasn't one you had to register for so we decided we would take it at a later date so I could go to my niece's party. My niece, Jessica, turned 15; very hard to believe. I still remember her being just a little thing with these big blond curls and always wanting to sit real close to me when I was down to visit. I had a great time at her party and it was so nice to see my family. It had been awhile since I had been able to visit them with everything going on and my activities being limited.

On Friday I had two doctors appointments. I met with my regular OB in the morning for my glucose screening test that checks for gestational diabetes and a regular check up. Everything went well with the check up. But I did have abnormal results on the screening test. I have to go back next week for a longer test. The first screening test was pretty easy but this one is longer, I have to fast for 8 hours before and during the test and they will draw my blood four times (once every hour). I am really not worried about the fasting but I am kind of nervous about going almost 12 hours with no water. Being dehydrated can cause contractions. Plus, this test causes a lot of women to get sick since you have nothing in your stomach but the high concentrated sugar drink they have you drink and if you throw up you have to do it all over on another day. Anyway, I am sure everything will go just fine. My level was just a little high and I have never had a problem with sugar.

My second doctor's appointment was with my high risk doctor; where we got to have another ultrasound. Everything from it turned out great. The baby is getting big and growing fast. They estimate he weighs in at 3lbs 3oz right now. The doctor said that was a little on the high side but not abnormal. But since the baby seems to be taking after Jonathan on size that doesn't seem to surprise me. Jonathan's mom said all three of her boys weighed over 9lbs. I am just hoping Ryan doesn't get too big for me to deliver him. The brain, heart and lungs all seem to be still growing and developing well. Plus, my cervix is still thick. The doctor was very happy with that but I asked if I could increase my activity level and was told no. He said to keep doing what I am doing since it is working. At this appointment we got to have a couple of 4D pictures taken. These are amazing and show so much detail. It was so nice to be able to see these pictures of his face since we hadn't gotten very good pictures of his face yet.

Saturday I was able to have lunch with my friend Heather. I really enjoyed seeing her and visiting; once again, it has been several weeks since I have been able to see her. Sunday we were able to go to Sunday school and church service. I haven't been able to sit through both since I started having problems 6 weeks ago. Jonathan has made us leave every time I have started having contractions, no contractions this week! Great progress! We were even able to go over to his mom's for lunch after church. But I did sit with my feet up and reclined while we were there. I have been pretty tired from all the activity that I did do over the last couple of days so I am taking it easy for the next couple of days. We start our child birthing classes this Thursday (which we won't be missing) and I am excited about getting those started. And then on Saturday is my family/friend baby shower. I am very excited for my shower and can't wait to see everyone!!

Here are the ultrasound pictures we had taken on Friday. This first one is a regular 3D picture. If you compare this picture with some of the previous ones you can tell he is getting bigger (the picture isn't any closer up then the others).

Here is the first 4D picture. All of them are of his face. He still has his right arm up by his head and you can see some of his fingers in the pictures. You can also see he is moving his mouth.

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  1. Almost there Little Sis!!! The baby doesn't look anything like The Rodgers Family?? LOL!! Love ya Sis, Kenny