Monday, May 18, 2009

28 Weeks

Not much has changed within the last week. I am now 28 weeks; which puts me in the third and final trimester. I am still feeling pretty good. I do think I am getting bigger every day though. We have another doctor's appointment on Friday. I will have to do the glucose screening test then. And we will have an appointment with the high risk doctor that day as well so we will have another ultrasound done. I don't think anything has changed and I have a feeling they will just tell me to keep doing what I am doing (which is almost nothing). I have realized that about 3 hours of light activity every other day is about as much as I can handle without having too many contractions. This past weekend Jonathan put together the glider and dresser. I am pleased with both and really excited that the room is finally coming together. We still need to decorate but that will wait since I can't decide what I want to do with it or the arrangement of furniture. Poor Jonathan spent almost 5 hours putting together the dresser because there were tons of parts to it and the directions were horrible. He said he realized that this was just the beginning of putting things together though and that he is looking forward to the many years to come of putting toys and stuff together for Ryan. Thursday we start our round of classes we are going to take. This one is just a basic child care class. Then the following Thursday we start the child birthing classes. We did meet with a pediatrician's office on Wednesday. They have a free orientation that they do and give a tour of their office. We really liked them so we will probably use them, its nice to have that crossed off the list. Everything is starting to come together and now that we are in the final trimester we can actually start thinking about the baby being here instead of in my stomach.

Here is a picture of our glider. Its a bit small; which is fine for me but Jonathan does look funny sitting in it. I find it comfortable; which is good since I will be spending plenty of time there.

Here is the dresser. I like the over all look of it. I hope it has enough room for all of Ryan's clothes as he grows.

A picture of the dresser and crib together.

And here is a picture of me at 28 weeks. I thought it would be neat to put on the same shirt I was wearing at 20 weeks to see the difference. I could barely fit in it.

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