Monday, June 22, 2009

33 Weeks

Well, it's been 10 weeks since we first started having problems with our pregnancy. 10 long weeks off work, extra doctor's appointments, worrying and bed rest. We weren't for sure if we would make it to this point and are so thankful to God that we did. Our baby is growing and developing every day and these past 10 weeks have been such a help for him. At my doctor's appointment this past Thursday my doctor told me that I could start increasing my activity and go back to normal activity and work next Monday. Bed rest will be officially over on Sunday at our 34 week mark! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I'm excited that I get to go back to work and try to resume some what of a normal life. But also nervous because I know my body is going to be weak and I will get exhausted very easily (not just from being on bed rest for 11 weeks but also being big and pregnant). We will have to see how it goes. Hopefully we can make it several weeks at work before Ryan decides to make his appearance.
This week we finished our 4 week child birthing class. We really enjoyed it and learned quit a bit. I'm not for sure how much of it will actually be used while in labor but I hope I can remember some of it to use to keep me relaxed. Either way, I am glad we did the classes because I prefer to be educated as much as possible. We also had a breast feeding class on Wednesday that was helpful and will come in handy when Ryan gets here. This coming Thursday we have one last class, a child care class. Jonathan is really looking forward to this one so he can learn how to give a baby a bath.
Besides that we have been busy trying to get all the final items for Ryan's arrival and put some final touches on the nursery. I think we have just about everything we need for at least the first couple of months except for the monitor; which we are picking up this weekend. Although I am sure we will continue to buy things because we are already spoiling him. We have our delivery bag packed (one of the requirements for our last birthing class was to take it with us). We want to be prepared because we don't know what will happen once I return to work. Now we just have to wait for our baby to get here. While I feel miserable because I'm getting so big I still don't want Ryan to come too early.
Here are some pictures of the updates we have made to the nursery this week. This is our new bedding set. We switched and bought the Fisher Price Precious Planet bedding set, it's much better. The colors are so bright and the animals are adorable.

The crib sheet and bumper pad.

The mobile we bought. This is so cute! It plays music, nature sounds and a heartbeat. However, the best thing about it is that it has a projector on it. At first it will project animal images on to the canopy of the mobile and then once the baby gets big enough to sit up you take the canopy off and it will project on to the ceiling.

The comforter from the set. We decided to hang it on the wall while Ryan is little and can't use it.

A picture of the wall the crib is on. We have added a border to the top of the walls and an elephant and monkey wall hang.

We hung letters spelling Ryan above the dresser/changer and added the changing pad.

We hung a picture frame above the bookcase with three ultra sound pictures from each trimester. Along with a basket filled with teethers, rattles, etc.
And here is a picture of me at 33 weeks. I'm going to try to remember to take a picture every week now that we are approaching the end.

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  1. The nursery looks great! I really like the colors in it- so will Ryan I bet :) I'm so glad you are doing well enough to get back to your normal activity even though I'm sure it will be hard on you. Not much longer! Yay!