Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip to Frankfort

This week has been a slow week, except for Thursday. Thursday I went up to Frankfort with Jonathan. While he worked I went and visited with the daycare we are going to use. I sat in the nursery and watched the workers interact with the children. The children seemed to really like them so that was a good sign. Everyone was really nice and things seemed very clean. I just still worry about putting my baby in a daycare. I am trying to accept that he won’t get the personal attention that I would be able to give him plus it’s someone else taking care of him and not me. But for at least now, I have to go back to work. Maybe one day I can stay home; which is something I never thought I would want to do. After that I had lunch with a friend from work. It was really nice to catch up with her; it feels like it’s been forever since I have seen anyone. And of course after lunch I visited everyone I work with. It doesn’t seem like much has changed and everyone is ready for me to come back to help out with the busy chaos. Following that I was able to stop by and see my Grandmother for a little while and then Jonathan and I went to another child birthing class. I over did it that day and could defiantly feel it Friday and still today. Wednesday we have a breast feeding class to go to. I am really interested in this class and hope to learn a lot. We also have one more child birthing class Thursday night. I only have two more weeks before I can go back to work. Counting down the days! We bought our travel system (stroller and car seat combo) and our swing this week. And we also returned the bedding set we had. I had enough of Wal-mart being out of stock of the accessories that matched the bedding. They could never tell me if anything was going to be re-ordered or if they were discontinuing the line. Plus, Jonathan really liked the other one better. We got the new bedding set in yesterday and I am really happy with it. It’s the Fisher Price Precious Planet set. The colors are so vibrant and there are tons of accessories that go with the set. Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow my church Sunday school class is throwing me a baby shower and I am really looking forward to getting to see everyone.

A picture of our Precious Planet swing.

The travel system we bought.

And here is a picture of the comforter (I haven't gotten it washed and set up yet so this is a picture off the website, I will add pictures of it later once I get it set up).

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